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House of Story 

Cinematic Storytelling for the 21st Century

House of Story develops and produces film and media projects for all screen formats. Our signature style is a classic cinematic look with special attention to sound and music with production partners Skywalker Sound and Composer Larry Groupe. 

The House of Story's primary focus from 2015 has been researching, developing and producing WWII and Holocaust related projects in Norway.

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My Story

Since 1995 I have filmed in 43 different countries and produced industrials, commercials, TV series and films in English, Norwegian and German. 

My first years in TV and film were primarily spent doing ads, commercials and industrials for businesses in the US. Then I went to work for Reinhard Bonnke and CfaN in Frankfurt, Germany. During this time I produced a vast array of TV programs and documentaries, mostly for the Christian TV market.

Between 2002 and 2006 I produced and directed the Full Flame series together with production partners Universal Studios productions, Adrenaline films, Dave Smith, and Skywalker Sound. During these years I had the privilege of working with some of the finest craftsmen in the film industry, including Larry Groupe, Gale Tattersall and the Skywalker and Lucasfilm families. In the course of this journey multiple Oscar winners Director David Lean and Editor Anne Coates became guiding stars in a professional sense for me.  I instinctively related to their sensibilities, in addition to our common journey from the world of Christian Film to a wider audience. It was during these years I found my own cinematic form of expression. 

When I began House of Story in 2007 in Lucas Valley California, I had one goal in mind: to create beautiful, thought-provoking films and media that move the audience. I am still passionate about that.

The last years I have focused a great deal on WWII and Holocaust stories. This was initially due to my family's involvement in both the US Armed forces and the Norwegian Resistance in WWII.  The last documentary I produced was the Norwegian Holocaust story "Husk oss til livet" for the National Broadcaster, NRK. Here is a link to it:


Robert Murphree

Latest Projects

Produced and in development

Husk oss til Livet (I had three brothers)

First broadcast 20.01.2016. Norwegian Jews share their stories of arrest, escape, and life after the Holocaust


En Gartner i krig (A Gardener at war)

In development

A Gardener is suddenly thrust into the largest rescue operation on Norwegian soil during WWII.


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